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Modern Horsepower LLC (MHP) specializes in the design, testing and manufacture of race quality European automotive hardware and software for race support, retail distribution, as well as white and black label production.  Since its inception eight years ago, Modern Horsepower has and continues to create more unique, innovative and proven products than any other European automotive tuning house; simultaneously garnering significantly more recognized and sanctioned race World Records than any competing entity.  Simply put, MHP caters to a niche market:  Those that will settle for nothing less than the absolute best. 

An industry first, MHP introduces CDT™, Complete Driveline Tuning. Instead of tuning just half the driveline (Engine) like others in the automotive software industry, we tune all of your vehicle's driveline dynamics, including the Transmission when applicable.  This allows both driveline components to work together in harmony which not only increases drivetrain longevity, but also equates to significantly improved WOT and part throttle performance as well as INCREASED FUEL ECONOMY.

All of our Engine (ECU, ECM, PCM, DME) and Transmission (TCM, TCU) remapping and hardware are Race, V-Box and Dyno proven to be the Best.


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MHP Stage 2CMR C63 AMG
MHP Stage 2CMR C63, World's Fastest Naturally Aspirated Mercedes Benz, 605HP/558lb/ft SAE: 0-60: 3.1 seconds, 0-100: 7.0 seconds, 60-130: 8.2 seconds, 0% Decline
Price: $7,695
MHP Stage 2 for 2012+ E63 & CLS63 M157
MHP v3 CDTr, MHP Race or Street Full 3" S.S. Exhaust. World Record 60-130mph 7.35 Seconds, 783HP/981lb/ft SAE
Price: $8,215
MHP v3 CDT for 63 AMG (M157) 5.5L BiTurbo V8
M157 5.5L BiTurbo AMG v3 CDT, 753HP/902lb/ft SAE
Price: $2,995
Stage 1 v3 CDT (ECU & TCU) for M275 Bi-Turbo V12 MB/AMG
708HP/989lb/ft SAE, MHP Tune Only 65 AMG World Record, 11.01@128.3 Vbox: 60-130: 8.04 seconds, 0-60mph: 3.37 seconds, 0-100mph: 7.03 seconds, .03% Incline
Price: $2,995
MHP S4 for M156 63 AMG
MHP S4CMR--673HP/588lb/ft Gains of 222HP/145lb/ft Over Stock
Price: $22,395
513rwhp/440rwtq SAE, DJ, 93 Octane, 1:1 (5th Gear) or 626HP/537lb/ft at the Crank utilizing 18% DT loss
Price: $1,995
Custom Billet Cams for M156 63 & M159 SLS AMG
MHP Billet Rifle Drilled Camshafts: Worth 56rwhp/17rwtq SAE over stock cams
Price: $7,995
MHP SLS Stepped Equal Length Longtube Headers & Exhaust
Available in both S.S. and Titanium. High Velocity Merge Collectors, X-pipe and Resonators with Standard VBand Clamped Off-Road Test Pipes and Optional 200cpi High Flow Cats
Price: $7,995
5.6 Bugatti Veyron
5.98 60-130mph Overall Mercedes Benz & AMG World Record: Dads C63, MHP S5
7.1 Porsche GT2 RS
7.35 MHP S2+ 2012 E63 Biturbo AMG
7.49 MHP S2 2012 E63 Biturbo AMG
7.5 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
7.6 MHP S2 2012 SLS AMG
7.8 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
March 20th 2015

Shimon Kada's MHP S2 CMR C63 AMG on


What was once Humberto Ferrer's MHP S2 CM C63 AMG is now Shimon Kada's MHP S2 CMR C63 AMG (Shimon added another 18-20HP by means of MHP carbon fiber Ram Air inlets).  The MBWorld article can be found here:

Shimon has continued the cars racing lineage and many of his videos can be found on MHP's own YouTube page (linked to the top of the main page of this site, simply scroll up and click the logo), and Shimon's own Instagram account:  NYFerrari.

A huge thank you to both Humberto and Shimon!

March 18th 2015

Modern Carbon Fiber's Full Lamborghini Aventador LP-720-4 50th Anniversary Carbon Fiber Body Kit (Fits All Aventador Variants)


MCF is proud to release it's full Lamborghini Aventador LP-720-4 carbon fiber body kit (replaces all exterior black plastic body parts), seen here on a 50th anniversary LP-720-4.  The kit is sold both as a whole and a la carte, more pictures will be posted on as well as their Facebook Page:

Photo Credit:  @deet1e & @columbus_exotics


March 11th 2015


Humberto again taking the easy win this time vs a SLS AMG.